11 Holiday Discount Codes for You on Products I Use, Buy & Love

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! While I hope everyone is busy eating some turkey (or lentil loaf- you do you) with someone they are grateful for, I wanted to pop in and tell you how thankful I am today (and everyday) for you! I really, truly am grateful for all the encouragement and support you give me. From your comments and private messages, to using my links to purchase products and sharing my content with others, this space would not exist without you.

Thank you. 💜

I usually pop in here with a family picture (because who doesn’t love to show off a little when a talented photographer works their magic), but I also wanted to extend some discounts to you on products that I personally use and love. I reached out to these companies to ask for their best discount code or deal for the holiday weekend and here they are. They would make great gifts for either someone you love or for yourself. I know that sounds selfish, but taking care of your health and/or treating yourself a bit during this demanding time of year is more than OK, it’s encouraged. 

I hope you’ll find this hodge podge of discounts helpful and truly, thank you for being a friend!

health product discounts

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth
Bone broth is rich in nutrients so I use it to give extra nutrition to the soups I make, but also I’ll cook rice in it, sip it warm from a mug when my throat hurts, and in marinades.

They are offering up to 30% off + a free gift + free shipping on all orders!

FreshJax Spice Kits
I just restocked on some of my favorite organic spice blends from FreshJax. We’ve been enjoying their products for over a year– the girls love the maple cinnamon on their oatmeal, the Rosy Cheeks is awesome on pork tenderloin, and the Italian blend is great on roasted potatoes or pretty much anything. I just wanted to share in case you are looking for a great gift for a foodie in your life because consumable gifts are just the best!

You can use my referral link for 15% off!

Super Fat
I bought the variety pack of Super Fats from Thrive Market and just love these for throwing in my purse to have a healthy snack on the go. They are vegan, paleo, keto, but most of all delicious.

Use the code BLK20 for 20% off!

Butcher Box
I started using Butcher Box because I was having trouble reliably sourcing quality animal proteins. It is super convenient to log on, pick what I want, know it’s grass-fed and pasture-raised, then have it delivered to my door. 

Right now you will get 2 filet mignons, 2 New York strips, and 4 sirloins (All Grass-Fed!) FREE in your first box!

Just Thrive Probiotic
As part of my regimen for estrogen dominance and healing the yeast overgrowth in my gut, my doctor recommended I take a probiotic. However, not all probiotics are created equally. I needed to find a spore-based probiotic of a high caliber, and this is it. 

Use the code GRATEFUL25 for 25% off- this weekend only!

I know I’ve told you for years now why I love our Berkey so much. We have a whole house filter, but still only drink the water that’s also been through the Berkey because it filters out bacteria, viruses, lead, mercury, arsenic, BPA, and a laundry list of other contaminants. Plus, it tastes better, too!

Use my referral code SLICE5 for 5% off the already incredible holiday deals! I highly recommend taking advantage of the Royal Berkey Bundle- I’ve never seen it this low and it’s the size I would have gone with if I knew better. Don’t miss it!

Todo Math
Todo Math is a game-based supplementary math app for pre-k through second graders. We’ve used it and both kids thought it was a lot of fun! It has over 2,000 activities that cover addition, subtraction, time telling, and all the way up to multiplication. 

They are offering you a FREE 2 week trial- just click here and enter the code AHealthySlice-2019. It’s only good through 11/30 so snag this deal today!

Microgreens Growing Kit
This list is full of products I have been using for for a while, with the exception of this microgreens kit. However, I wanted to share it because I think it’s a great gift idea for the health-lover in your life OR for a science experiment with kids. The kit is foolproof to assemble and then you get to grow and eat your own super-nutritious microgreens! We put them on salads, sandwiches, and avocado toast. The girls think growing their own “real food you can eat” is super cool.

They have Black Friday deals going on right now so check them out!

Thrive Market
I’ve been using Thrive Market for years (click here to see how it works and some of my favorite products). I have the app on my phone and use it as a grocery list, adding items to my cart as I realize I am getting low on them, then when a great freebie or deal pops up (they have different deals daily), I hit order, get free shipping and new health products to try as well. It works great for people that love convenience and healthy living food and products.

Click here to get 25% off your purchase AND a 30 day free membership!

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle
I wanted to share this incredible bundle with you as well because I know how many of you are as passionate about meal planning as I am, and some of you want to ignite that spark in your soul! That may be a bit dramatic, but if getting better at planning and implementing a meal plan is on your 2020 goal list, this is a great opportunity to get . It includes resources for everything from freezer meals to slow cooker and Instantpot meals, quick and easy dinners to gluten free meals, tips on food budgeting to resources on making meal planning simple, and a lot more. I have purchased bundles in the past and have been pleased with the over delivery of information I’ve received in them.

Get $1,038 of value for only $49.97- click for details!

And one more gift to tell you about…

One last link to share, and this one has a personal connection. I know I’ve shared snippets about my dad with you, but maybe you didn’t know that my dad is a well-loved practicing family and marriage psychologist. He’s known for his tough love, a characteristic I have grown to appreciate over the years (maybe not as much as a kid when he called me out while he was the umpire in my softball game, but I digress…).

While he loves seeing his clients, he also has written articles for several newspapers on a weekly basis over the years and accumulated quite a collection of great advice and insight. Last year he published his book, and it is now available on Amazon.

While I am most certainly biased, I also have seen throughout my life how many people my dad has been able to help and now his words are available as a desktop reference. If you like bite-sized motivation, introspection, and guidance for living a happy a successful life, click here and check out his book. It would make a great gift for a friend… or for yourself if you’re a personal growth junkie like myself.

And just because old habits die hard let me wish you a happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!



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