Thanksgiving Week 2019 Highlights

Thanksgiving week is my favorite week of the year. Christmas is wonderful in its own right of course, but Thanksgiving is just so… pure? No expectations or gifts, it’s just time to enjoy being together during a beautiful time of the year. Yes, it’s a bit of a travel whirlwind for us, but one we thoroughly enjoy!

We started Thanksgiving week by packing up and heading down to Georgia on Sunday morning. Well, just the girls and I, as David had to work. The three of us arrived by early afternoon which gave us plenty of time to visit Grandma Betty. She is 99 years old, yet both she and my dad proceeded to whip us all at Rummikub (which is a game our whole family loves, but I do recommend getting the larger numbers version). I guess her bridge games that she plays multiple times a week keep her gaming skills sharp!

That evening my brother arrived with his two girls and the cousin fun began! We helped decorate the Christmas tree while the Packers played on TV and Nana distributed matching pajamas. Next year I’m going to see if they have matching ones in adult sizes as well because there is no shame in my holiday game.

On Monday we went all out. We had our nails painted, took a nature walk, ate Mexican for lunch, went to see Frozen II (the girls LOVED it), made Christmas crafts and overall just had the best time. The four little girls were in cousin heaven and truly had one of their best days ever. It was so much fun. 

Tuesday gave Monday a run for its money, as we filled it with baking and decorating my favorite sugar cookies, taking turns driving the golf cart, playing a lot of freeze tag, playing Ticket to Ride (which is half off right now at Walmart– I’ve never seen it this cheap!), and watching The Grinch. The kids are now 8, 6, 5, and 3 and it’s pretty great. They love to run off and play on their own, whether it’s dressing up or being spies, which means family time is a nice blend of enjoying the kids but also having the time and ability to relish in adult conversation. I’m a chatterbox by nature and there isn’t much I enjoy more than a cocktail hour conversation with mom, dad, and my bro.

On Wednesday we packed our bags to head an hour down the road to my Nannie’s house to help bake pies for Thanksgiving. The girls spent most of their time under the pecan tree. My cousin’s daughter joined us as well and the girls were thrilled to get to play with Oly again! There were many a game of Hide and Seek and a little perusing of toy catalogs, just like I did 25 years ago when I was a kid, stretched out on my Nannie’s living room floor.

David joined us that evening and we all woke up Thursday morning to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Before it was over, more family poured through the door- 28 of us total! We sipped wine, devoured platefuls of veggies, turkey, and ham, and laughed a lot. It’s a crew I wish I could see more than once a year, but we sure pack a lot into that one special day. They’re going to love me for posting this group shot…

That evening we took off for South Carolina and arrived in time for a fireside chat with David’s parents, his brother, and his family. Hailey and Kaitlyn immediately disappeared into cousin land again, as they really enjoy getting to hang out with their older cousins. They are just the sweetest kids and I love watching them play card games and work on puzzles so well together. I know it’s trite, especially in a Thanksgiving post, but moments like this I truly feel hashtag blessed.

The next couple days were filled with pickle ball, backyard football, puzzles, eating Grandpa’s famous chili, college football watching, visiting Santa at the fire station, swimming, and just enjoying catching up on life. David and I celebrated our 16 year anniversary of the day we met (#HouseDivided) with a big Georgia win over Tech! We just won’t chat much about Pickens and his poor choices the week before we take on LSU….

If you don’t have a photo in matching shirts, did you even see your family on Thanksgiving? ​😉

We arrived back home Sunday with full and happy hearts. Somehow we weren’t even completely exhausted so we had a little energy to try and get everything back in order- meal plan, groceries ordered, laundry put away, pictures edited, etc. With a late Thanksgiving this year I know Christmas is going to try to come quickly but I’m determined to slow it down as much as I can. 

Our elf, Star, was waiting for us when we got home, to the girls’ absolute delight. He’s a funny little elf and already has broken into our sugar bin in the pantry. So with that, the Christmas season has officially kicked off here in the Dixon house and we are ready(ish 😉) for it! We already have some fun holiday events and parties on the calendar, so beyond that I’m really focusing on letting the days pass slowly and not filling every minute.

Share with me- what is your favorite holiday of the year?!

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